Analysis of contemporary literature, data from the latest endodontic congresses, huge experience and the necessary technological equipment of the clinic gives a opportunity to create individual Endodontic courses

3 day course

From Diagnostic to Treatment in Microscopic Endodontics

The program of the first and second day

in "Endodontic Medical Center Dr. Solomonov»:

Adaptation with technological, technical and ergonomic equipment of modern endodontic clinic. Live demonstration of 4-5 clinical cases of primary Endodontics and retreatment cases operated by Dr. Solomonov at the macro and micro level. Each case is considered in terms of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options. After performing all the nuances of the procedures and possible alternatives are considered. Particular emphasis is placed on practical techniques and instruments and materials choice.

The program of the third day: "Microscope in Endodontic practice".

Requirements for a modern microscope. Secrets of everyday performance. What the companies, manufacturers and retailers do not tell us. Ergonomics of endodontic manipulations trained under the microscope on the phantoms supervised by Dr. Solomonov. Working out of four-handed work with Dental Assistant under microscope


International Endodontic Learning Center

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